Crazy ice cream flavours
Crazy ice cream flavours

Ice cream season has here! Have you had enough of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry? It's probably high time you tried different new flavours that don't get boring so quickly and you can enjoy a new flavour every day. There's always something more interesting to try like toffee crumble ice cream. Here are ten strange flavors we found.

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Caramel with salt and pepper

With a waffle and Maldon Sea salt, this ice cream is served in a crispy potato cup. But keep in mind that the ice cream window at this pastry business is only open on weekends, so plan ahead.

Ash from coconut

This one-of-a-kind, all-black ice cream is produced with charred coconut shell pieces, coconut flakes, coconut milk, and coconut cream. Coconut ash is essentially activated charcoal, which is believed to aid in detoxification by pulling toxins from the body. However, because the delightful delicacy isn't meant to be healthy, feel free to top it with biscuits, chocolate sauce, or whatever else your heart desires.

Tea Party

Nilgiri tea leaf, lemon charcoal, and salted caramel are used to make this ice cream. The combination of sweet, sour, and salty stimulates all of your taste sensations and will not leave you disappointed.

Candied Cranberries and Pine Needle Ice Cream

This ice cream with pine needles and candied cranberries is called a Christmas tree. It's a limited-edition seasonal flavor available just at this ice cream shop. Ice cream fans may also join the MilkMade club, which will send them two pints of the delectable treat every month.

Strawberry and Olive Oil

Strawberry sorbet was frozen with liquid nitrogen and then folded into ice cream with the addition of olive oil to create this flavor. This bakery is constantly experimenting with new flavors; in the past, there was even ice cream made with cornbread and purple rice. So come on by if you want to try something new.

I Was Churned This Way, Baby!

This is a salted hazelnut ice cream with chocolate-covered multicolored sunflower seeds. It is really delicious, and youngsters enjoy it.


Chinese ice cream has always been noted for its unique flavor combinations. Red bean, ginger, and durian ice cream are all available here. The flavor of taro, a purple vegetable with tubers that resemble potatoes, is an undisputed favorite. The humorous purple color is the most appealing feature.

Pretzels and Chocolate Stout

Ice cream with chocolate stout and pretzel flavor. That's correct. You're not imagining things. It's ice cream with booze in it. Brooklyn brewery chocolate milk and salted pretzels are mixed into the chocolate ice cream.

Sauce de soja

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory makes durian-flavored ice cream with the foul South Asian fruit for individuals who aren't afraid of stinky ice cream. This flavor is popular among aficionados of exploring new things because of the fruit's iconic trashy fragrance. However, we recommend soy sauce ice cream, which is more tolerable.

Yummy Sweet Potato

The distinctive flavors of Il Laboratorio del Gelato have made it famous. Sweet potato, pink pepper, cheddar cheese, and wasabi ice cream are available here.

Crazy ice cream flavours